"The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration."- Karl Lagerfeld

Rich and Petty

Rich and Petty

Again, Happy Holidays! I know it’s winter as well that it is cold, but it doesn’t mean you have to conform to bland fashion and only red and green! With an appropriate use of print and a pop of color, give your wardrobe more variety and use to draw neck-breaking attention as you walk down the runway or the streets of the Lower East Side.

Brand Cred: Burberry Double Breasted Girrafe Trench, Juicy Couture Leopard Print fine print jumper, Privileged Marry Me Green Pointy Toe Ankle Strap Pumps, Alice + Olivia Box Pleat Leather Skirt, GIVENCHY Medium Antigona Grained Leather Bag, PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA geometric print scarf.


cues Migos beat

A little Christmas/Fashion humour, eh?

Anyway, 2013 has been very good to me. I laughed, made new friends along the way, cried, got rid of those who were holding me back, and accomplished 4 out of 5 goals that I wanted for the year. There’s always room for self-improvement. I hope 2013 has been prosperous for you as well. Eat, drink, be merry, and enjoy your holiday season! BPJ will be operable for the new year!

xoxo Ivana

Glorious. Sweet Merciful Father.

Glorious. Sweet Merciful Father.

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Oh, hey Bey.



Oh, hey Bey.

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Sip & Shop!

Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 11:00am-3:00pm there will be a Jewelry Soiree filled with makeovers, mimosas, and many selections of jewelry by Traci Lynn Fashions, hosted by Monisha Black. To view any pieces before hand please visit tracilynnjewelry.net/monishablack. Come bare faced, bring a girl or two, and relax and purchase gorgeous pieces for your next night out! For more info about the Sip & Shop, email mblack_jewelz.com or text 973-991-8669 for details. See you ladies soon!

Studded Vans courtesy of @iamSteveSosa

Screaming Stylists: Sharonda Salaam

I wanted to take the time and get other stylists and creative gurus on my site because many of their pieces I do wear and plan on wearing. Nothing like being out somewhere and someone taps you and asks “who’s that?” in reference to a piece you’re wearing, especially one from a rising fashion mogul. I introduce to you- Sharonda Salaam

My name is Sharonda Salaam but many refer to me as Ronda. I’m a 20 year old proclaimed creator. I rather use creator over designer because I do it all down to sketching, customizing, sewing, and breaking all guidelines of what they teach in school. I learned to sew by watching my mom who runs a side business in our home. She’s been sewing for over 30+ years. I’ve only been sewing for about 2 years but I’ve accomplished a lot. My creations have been featured in 3 fashion shows. The name of my label is Prospère. Prospère means prosperous (wealthy) in French. The word prosperity was spoken over my life by my pastor. As I search for a name I thought of what was already given. Prospère clothing is clothing that will make you feel like it’s name, wealthy. It is a combination of attitude, style, and richness that will have all eyes on you. From fabrics, textures, and design you can admit you never seen nothing like it.

I was able to interview Sharonda about what it takes to be an artist like herself, and a bit of her fashion persona below. Check it out!

BPJ: Who are some of your favorite designers?
Sharonda: Roberto Cavalli, Alexander Wang, McQueen, and Vera Wang to name a few.

BPJ:Where can readers buy your clothes/designs?
Sharonda: As of right now everything is sold from my house. I wanted to keep it in house until I’m ready to branch out. If anyone is interested I’m an email away.

BPJ: What are your favorite stores/catalogs/websites?
Sharonda: I’ll shop online for a shoe. Clothing I have to go in try it on feel it to before purchasing. But, I do love TopShop and Uniqlo.

BPJ:What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Sharonda: Be your own promoter, supporter, and critique first. Everyone else will follow. Remember local popularity comes before global popularity.

BPJ: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?
Sharonda: Fabric is EVERYTHING. fabric is cheap, clothing looks cheap, therefore you look cheap.

BPJ: what was the first article of clothing you ever designed? Has it changed the way you currently create?
Sharonda: The first garment I ever made was a off the shoulder crop top. I still haven’t because I like majority of my tops oversized. almost everything I create for myself & some is oversized.

BPJ: How would you define your city’s fashion?
Sharonda: My city is honestly confused lol. it’s a combo of buying to adapt or buying what they can. the few people that I know here can dress and they fit in both categories. but they do look quite fashionable.

BPJ: What are your favorite fabrics and/or patterns to work with and why?
Sharonda I love spandex because of my shape, but I also love working with chiffons, silk, and faux fur/leather.

Prospère by Sharonda S.
twitter: @inRondaEyes
email: s.salaamx3@gmail.com


As you all know I hail from Newark, NJ. Really wanted to share this with you guys! :)

Newark, NJ- Lyric 145, the famous, dynamic rap trio, is surprising students who attend Arts High School to have a Q & A and perform their new single “I Get It”. The students will get to ask the group about the trials and tribulations throughout their duration of their X Factor journey. Lyric145 will have a minute contest of three students that can perform for them with singing, dancing, and rapping. The selected pupil will acquire a prize, which includes an exclusive interview on the hit radio show “GEM BOSSES” and also will be obtaining some dance majors as dancers for their upcoming projects. As well, Lyric 145 will then present the valedictorian of the class of 2013 with a special gift.

Time & Date: March 4, 2013 at Arts High School, 8AM to 10AM in Auditorium

For Interviews or Booking Lyric 145 Contact: Ifueko I. Publicist (732)718-6900 Ifuekoi@gmail.com or Pilar Scratch Manager (908)242-2055 scratch.designs09@gmail.com

damn homie, i forgot you did the fashion advice blog. wheretf you been?

heyyyy!!! working, grinding. how is everything?

Watchmen 2

Outfit Six

AHHHHHHHHH IT’S MY FAVORITE PIECE!!! I think I’m starting to like making mens outfits more than women! I thought women had a lot of variety but men take the absolute CAKE! I’m the master of tying windsor knot and a bowtie, so let’s see lol.

MENS FORMAL. Nothing sexier than a man in a suit. I suggest the minimum of two different types of suits/formal blazers in your closet, with numerous shirt fabrics and accessories. This blazer is from PREMIUM by Jack and Jones. You can’t see the back but there are two slits on the back hem. The blazer has double button closure, lapels, and is formfitting which stops below the waist. I CANNOT stress the fact that a formfitting blazer or attire in general will make you look slimmer (if worn correctly) and will eloquently clean up your appearance. This blazer can go with VARIOUS bottoms and shirts. Speaking of bottoms, I opted out of the usual black and went for red corduroys by PREMIUM again. Regular fit, they have piped back pockets and the pants are a deep hue which gives a classy, elegant, gentleman touch. Sometimes when your outfit is too loud, it can say too much.

I wanted to bring out the shoes so I had to steal these Pierre Corthay Arca Derby shoes with the red trimming. Less is more and it’s a smooth shoe with not too much going on, however it gives just enough modesty to the outfit. The burgundy tie I used is from Brooks Brothers for the windsor knot and the socks- which are now the TREND for conversation pieces, are from Ralph Lauren. I don’t know about you, but when a man sits in a chair, the socks are what I first notice, before the actual shoe. It drives away from the originality and adds taste. Opt for a solid or pinstripe button down shirt of either white or black, or with a dash of red lining. Finally, your formal wear is NOT complete without cufflinks. Every man should have at least two pair or more. I chose the gold which gives the finishing touch to the outfit. The Wedgwood Black & Gold cufflink will be the talk of the night with its Gold Intaglio motif of a horse’s head in elegant bas-relief against Black Jasper, which will be noticeable on the sleeves.

FUN FACT Ralph Lauren got his start at Brooks Brothers which helped fund with his tie and accessory lines, as well as to branch out into other formal wear, so you WILL see some similarities between both Brooks’ wear and Ralph.